YCCTEAM Xbox One Power Supply Brick, [SAFE & QUIET] AC Adapter Charger Accessory Kit Replacement for Xbox One Console 100-240V Power Box with Cable


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Product Description

Product Specifications: Color: Black Plug type: US Weight: 670 g / 23.6 oz Input: AC 100-240V ~ 4.91A 47-63Hz Output: DC 220W 12V–17.9A; 5Vsb–1A Led indicator: Green = power good, Orange = standby

Package Included: 1 x Power Adapter for Xbox One 1 x Power Cable(US Version)

Tips: If the Power brick supply is still on while the console is off, you'd better turn it on energy saving mode instead of instant-on. To increase the lifespan of the accessory, unplug your Power Supply cord from the outlet whenever it's not in use.

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