Orion 2.1 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter

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Product Description

Power your Orion gear from a household AC wall outlet with the convenient Orion 2.1 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter. This handy wall-plug adapter will provide power to Orion Atlas or Sirius EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mounts, StarShoot G3 Deep Space Imaging Cameras, StarSeeker III GoTo telescopes, and even our SkyQuest XTg and XXg GoTo Dobsonian telescopes. Using household power can be beneficial to astrophotography pursuits since you don't need to rely on an external battery to power your equipment. Using the highly efficient Orion 2.1 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter is especially convenient if you are planning lengthy stargazing sessions with computerized GoTo telescopes with friends and family, since you'll never have to worry about running out of power. Adapter converts 110-volt AC power into 12-volt DC power required to run the powered astronomy equipment. A right-angle mini plug provides secure connection, and reduces snags during use. The Orion 2.1 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter cable measures 3 meters (9.8 feet) in length. A user-supplied extension cord may be required if you wish to use your powered astronomy gear farther than 9.8 feet from the wall outlet used.

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